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Valerie Peyre

Chanoyu Tea
Tea Master & Managing Director
''Valérie Peyre became involved in Chanoyu in 2020 as the Managing Director and Tea Master. With extensive experience as a Tea Master and Tea Blender in Switzerland, she is renowned for the selection and creation of teas, for example, she was selected to create blends for TEKOE, Coop, Oswald, and Migros. She has also established customized tea menus for various venues within luxurious hotels and restaurants, such as spas, cigar lounges, restaurants, receptions, rooms, bars, and terraces. Valérie often collaborates with Michelin Star Chefs to create food and tea pairings for their restaurants, in particular, reviewing a restaurant’s menu and finding unique pairings that lift the aromas of each finger food, entrée, dish or dessert. Both Valérie and the Chefs are passionate about taste and flavours, and ultimately speak the same ‘’language’’, which leads to the creation of magnificent dishes either including our teas or complemented by them. Valérie has also trained her own staff and those of her clients in the past 25 years. As part of the client onboarding process, Valérie offers bespoke tea training sessions and works with restaurant staff and departments in hotels to ensure every employee can speak about tea. From the sommelier to the housekeeping, Valérie takes the time to train the staff with the goal that each department takes ownership of their tea selection and speaks about it with passion. Furthermore, Valérie’s expertise also lies in creating exclusive Signature Teas for specific clients to capture the essence of a Chef’s cuisine or the identity of a hotel. This unparalleled ‘’savoir-faire’’ has convinced Michelin Star Chefs and the best hotels in the country to trust us with their establishments''.

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Tuesday, March 28

9:45am PDT